Hi, I’m Joe. Made this blog for reasons that even I am unaware of. Not really sure what is going to become of this site, but I hope to write some stuff semi-occasionally. Feel free to read it, unless you have literally anything else you could be doing.

My Latest Posts

  • Gleanings From A Balcony
    I think this excerpt is from a couple years ago, maybe even three. There was a time that I used to write sporadically. I dabbled with stories and stuff, yet I had a habit of […]
  • GE: Good Ending by Kei Sasuga
    I am not well-acquainted with the visual novel format, as I have played through very few of them. As such, I feel the need to touch base upon the fact that I am not the […]
  • Araki-sensei’s Rohan at the Louvre
    This is unironically the best one-shot I have ever encountered. Such a statement may not mean much coming from me, but it is nevertheless true and is not completely without merit. I have yet to […]
  • Kentaro Miura’s “Lost Chapter”
    This is something I have put off writing about for quite some time. It definitely contains spoilers for Berserk. Exercise caution. There’s Something About Griffith Ever since readers had been introduced to him during the Golden […]
  • We Do a Little Squid Game
    I figured that I better sit down and take the time to write this out, considering that the show is still fresh in my mind. If you were not able to figure out my the […]