Hi, I’m Joe. Made this blog for reasons that even I am unaware of. Not really sure what is going to become of this site, but I hope to write some stuff semi-occasionally. Feel free to read it, unless you have literally anything else you could be doing.

My Latest Posts

  • Kyrie eleison
    I am not sure what kind of person this makes me. This being the way I responded to hearing about someone else my age who has been placed in less than ideal circumstances. This news […]
  • Fixations
    click for header source For a while now, probably the past couple of years or so, I have made it known to myself and others that if I were to ever do heroin “I’d end […]
  • Do It, Regardless
    click for header source I am not so sure myself where exactly fear stems from. It is a feeling as old as time. This impulse is not something unique to human beings, as animals in […]
  • “Springtime for Blossom”
    I finished reading this manhwa just the other day, and I feel compelled to offer my thoughts on it. However unsolicited my own perspective upon this work may be, I will nevertheless continue to divulge […]
  • Imouto no Ane by Tatsuki Fujimoto
    Considering that we’re talking about Tatsuki Fujimoto, I feel compelled to bring up Chainsaw Man. The fact that I bring this soon-to-be-animated manga up should surprise no one. It would be absurd of me to […]