Hi, I’m Joe. Made this blog for reasons that even I am unaware of. Not really sure what is going to become of this site, but I hope to write some stuff semi-occasionally. Feel free to read it, unless you have literally anything else you could be doing.

My Latest Posts

  • Death Note: Darkness in Light
    Tragedy peers its head around each and every corner. It is irresponsible for human beings to deny this truth. Each day during each moment, humans commit atroctious acts against their fellow humans. It is natural […]
  • Disqualified Vanity
    Understanding that you must, one day, die is not profound. Knowing that there are things that we do not know is not profound either. Though there is value to the art of keeping these things […]
  • Brief Tirade
    I feel the need to sit down and force myself to write for a moment. As I write these words, I am sitting on the couch with my knees acutely bent — my feet resting […]
  • Stone Ocean: A Review
    (this review does contain some spoilers, mostly from the earlier stages of the manga) Given the current climate of the JJBA universe, taking the upcoming anime adaptation of Stone Ocean into account, I feel that it would […]
  • Anyone is Capable of Anything
    If there is anything that I have learned in my 20-some-odd years upon this planet, it is that humans are truly capable of anything. I mean this is in the strictest sense, in both the […]