$AMC Moment

It’s been some time since I have sat down to write here. My intentions are to post here regularly, composing relatively engaging reads regarding whatever topic comes to mind. Things don’t always turn out how we want them to; that goes for this blog of mine as well. Be that as it may, there are exceptions. Those rare times in our lives when something beyond our wildest dreams rears its head, teasing us with its possibilities of coming true.

Back in early January, I was one of those people that found out about the $GME squeeze on television. I do not pay attention to current events like I should, so I am pretty sure that someone brought it up in conversation with me. After hearing about it, I took to Reddit to get the details.

I could not believe it. Honestly. It wasn’t like I knew anything at all about stocks–because I most definitely did not. I had zero knowledge of the market, no idea of the logistics of the so-called “short squeeze” that took place. All I knew is that my near decade of redditing had failed me. I felt like I had missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

In this despair of mine, I happened to stumble upon some threads where some redditors were talking about the squeeze potential of $AMC. I cannot recall which subreddit I found that on, but it was a fairly consistent conviction of a decent amount of people who seemed like they kind of knew what they were talking about. They pointed to how heavily shorted the stock was, comparing it to $GME some months before.

Though I knew next to nothing about what any of these details meant, I decided that it was something I needed to get in on. There was no shot that I was going to miss out on yet another once in a lifetime opportunity. Even if it is a shot in the dark (which clearly, it was not), I was going to get in on it. So, during the month of January, I ended up buying just under 300 shares of $AMC at around an $11-12 average.

In the meantime, since my purchase, I had not really paid a whole lot of attention to the trends. It is not difficult for me to grow obsessed with things, so I decided that I would refrain from worrying about how the stock was doing on a daily basis. I would check in on it every once in a while, but I also kept up with r/amcstock. It’s crazy to see how that sub has grown since its inception just under five months ago.

It’s really cool to see how this has brought so many people, from different walks of life, together. I still know next to nothing about stocks, but I know a lot more now than I used to. I’m very fond and appreciative of the atmosphere that surrounds the shareholders: i.e. the “Apes” that have their stakes in this company. It really is a cloak of positivity; everyone has the same goal in mind.

Needless to say, during the past month, I have been keeping up with the $AMC trends on the market. From all appearances, it seems to be doing what many first claimed it would do. It is heavily shorted–as it has been stated since the beginning of this movement. The squeeze could be just around the corner; as I, along with so many other Apes, am hoping.

I don’t have as much riding on this as so many others do. I did not put myself into a financial bind, as others may have potentially done. Many Apes are holding for a variety of reasons, all across the board. Whether it is to pay off their debts, pay medical bills, provide a better life for their family, become financially independent, or just to see how it goes and try to make some money; it is all the same. Everyone is in this together.

Unity is integral. I’m honestly impressed by how positive and uplifting the $AMC community is. Apes truly are stronger together.

All I know is that I am in this for the long haul. I may not have that much staked in this, but at the end of the day, I am going to HODL–not only for myself–but for all of my fellow Apes that are riding this rocket ship with me to the moon.

What I mean to say is thus:

Let’s take this all the way to Tendie Town, Apes. I’ll see you primates on the moon 😎 🦧🚀🌙

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