click for header source For a while now, probably the past couple of years or so, I have made it known to myself and others that if I were to ever do heroin “I’d end up dead in a ditch.” This is not something that I bring up out of the blue, by any means, […]

Do It, Regardless

click for header source I am not so sure myself where exactly fear stems from. It is a feeling as old as time. This impulse is not something unique to human beings, as animals in the wild have glimmers of it when being hunted by predators. Though, I should say that their “fear” is somewhat […]

Gleanings From A Balcony

I think this excerpt is from a couple years ago, maybe even three. There was a time that I used to write sporadically. I dabbled with stories and stuff, yet I had a habit of almost never seeing things through to the end. This piece is not very long, but I figured it may or […]