melancholia: “suffering from an unexplained fear, inability to answer questions or providing false answers, self-laughing and self-crying and speaking meaninglessly” (Al-Akhawayni Bokhari).

Hi, I’m Joe

Welcome to my…blog? Thanks for stopping by. If you have spare time with nothing else better to do, feel free to look around and read some of my vain ramblings. I can’t promise you that there’s anything worth reading, so don’t feel obligated to stick around.

I already talked about the nature of this site in my first blog entry, so I’ll avoid divulging on the topic. All I will say is that I’ll try to make this place relatively interesting. The title of the site, along with its “theme,” employs a term that’s a bit outdated. It’s rare to ever see “melancholia” used in a sentence; its relevance is probably limited to use in academia and a few medical circles. I haven’t looked into it a whole lot, but it seems to be often mistaken as an archaic word for “depression.”

The Diagnostical and Statistical Manual (DSM) views melancholia as a subtype of depression.

“To be diagnosed with melancholic depression, a person must present at least one of these symptoms:

  1. Loss of enjoyment from all (or nearly all) activities.
  2. Lack of positive response to objectively pleasurable events.

And at least three of the following:

  1. Despair that is not linked to loss or grief.
  2. Loss of appetite or significant weight loss.
  3. Psychomotor changes: Either physical restlessness or slowed movement.
  4. Diurnal mood variation: Low mood that is worse in the morning.
  5. Waking at least two hours earlier than normal.
  6. Excessive guilt.”

(click for source)

At any rate, my site’s name is by no means a reflection of a clinical or self-diagnosis regarding my mental health. It is merely a name, a name that I’ve found fitting enough to capture how I handle life, along with the world that I live and breathe in. I’m sure that as I continue to produce content for this site, the relevance of Mild Melancholia will become evident.

I’ll write to the best of my ability, regardless of whatever it is that inspires me to write. It doesn’t take much to pique my interest, so I’m sure to find stuff to write about. With this being the case, there’s no telling what will pop up on this site. The possibilities are vast. Guess I’ll just wing it and see where this goes.

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