I write reviews sometimes. I’ll put some of them on this page, along with some blog posts that seem relevant, just for the sake of adding variety to the site. Some of the more recent ones that I’ve posted will appear below.

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  • Death Note: Darkness in Light
    Tragedy peers its head around each and every corner. It is irresponsible for human beings to deny this truth. Each day during each moment, humans commit atroctious acts against their fellow humans. It is natural to feel compelled to do something, but the solutions to these problems seem so far out of our grasp (review may […]
  • Stone Ocean: A Review
    (this review does contain some spoilers, mostly from the earlier stages of the manga) Given the current climate of the JJBA universe, taking the upcoming anime adaptation of Stone Ocean into account, I feel that it would be of good use for me to provide my unsolicited impressions on the manga. I, myself, am rather fond of […]
  • Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan: A Brief Review
    Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan is an ultimately decent episodic OVA which follows one of Araki’s most eccentric characters; it recounts some of the ghastly events which the titular protagonist has experienced firsthand. By any and every stretch of the imagination, it is an enjoyable watch–particularly for those who are drawn into and fond of the Jojo’s […]

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