I write reviews sometimes. I’ll put some of them on this page, along with some blog posts that seem relevant, just for the sake of adding variety to the site. Some of the more recent ones that I’ve posted will appear below.

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  • “Springtime for Blossom”
    I finished reading this manhwa just the other day, and I feel compelled to offer my thoughts on it. However unsolicited my own perspective upon this work may be, I will nevertheless continue to divulge upon this work in the hopes that it might appeal to other people who happen to give what I write […]
  • Imouto no Ane by Tatsuki Fujimoto
    Considering that we’re talking about Tatsuki Fujimoto, I feel compelled to bring up Chainsaw Man. The fact that I bring this soon-to-be-animated manga up should surprise no one. It would be absurd of me to claim, perhaps even imply, that anything other than this Chainsaw Man could be considered his magnum opus. Throughout the course […]
  • GE: Good Ending by Kei Sasuga
    I am not well-acquainted with the visual novel format, as I have played through very few of them. As such, I feel the need to touch base upon the fact that I am not the best judge of the quality of a one-shot whose name is more or less a direct tip of the cap […]

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