Do You Ever Wonder if You’re a Bad Man?

Somewhere around a couple years ago, I had the privilege of watching the first season of True Detective. Having first aired on HBO sometime during 2014, it received wide acclaim. This is well-deserved–given its brilliant writing, stellar cinematography, and terrific performances from the cast all around. I tend to use the word “masterpiece” sparingly; be… Continue reading Do You Ever Wonder if You’re a Bad Man?

Shaman King: Ren Tao is Cringe

In a world ripe with cringey antagonists, there is an individual that stands out from the rest of the cringe mold… All jokes aside, I just want to say that I realize that dynamic antagonists with compelling, convincing motives are hard to come by. Not going to act like I know how to write them,… Continue reading Shaman King: Ren Tao is Cringe

Super Cub: my First Impressions

I just finished watching the first episode of Super Cub. This type of show isn’t something I’d typically watch, but I decided to pick it up up after reading the description of the manga and also seeing the “iyashikei” tag. For some reason, these factors—paired with the motorbike motif—convinced me to try it out. I… Continue reading Super Cub: my First Impressions

Some Anime I’m Looking Forward to This Season

I’ve never really kept up with seasonal anime until very recently. The Winter 2021 Season was basically the first time I followed multiple shows throughout their seasonal airings. Although it’s probably conjecture, since I don’t have much prior experience, I feel like this Winter’s selection was solid. There were numerous adaptations that had fans antsy,… Continue reading Some Anime I’m Looking Forward to This Season